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While some people find refuge in foreign countries some of us know South Africa as home and we have no intentions to changing that. The big thing about South Africa are the teenagers and the young adults who have had their bubble popped because they can’t finish school; this frustration is further agitated by those that have an education but don’t have any work opportunity. We have no other option but to “Save ourselves by Schooling our Selves” - S.O.S Squared.

We need to create an environment where young people feel there’s opportunity in South Africa and its worth their while to go hard on those books! S.O.S Squared is a Slikouronlife initiative (over time hopefully an industry initiative) in partnership with Boston City Campus. This is a crowd funding campaign that requests anyone reading this or hearing about it to donates any amount to an education fund.

Wondering how it works? Because I am not an organization Boston City Campus will donate an equal amount of what we all raise every six months and manage the admin. Every month we’ll have a visual report (shared on the same platform you reading this from) of how much is raised and if you know you contributed that month or love the initiative you can RT this report and spread the word. Imagine that positive energy being spread on social media every month. Imagine our online revolution being an online trend that actually produces solutions. 

With the assistance of Boston Media House we’ll identify our qualifying candidates and we’ll share that too. Everything will be transparent!

By simply investing a minimum of R10 a month you automatically invest in this country’s future. South Africa is a great story of political success and great constitutions but a terrible story of human resource investment and industry development. Xenophobia blamed our African brothers for stealing our jobs, the Asians are spending close to 100 billion in our country. When we are sidelined who are we going blame again if we never bothered to “Save Ourselves by Schooling Ourselves”? Please donate any amount you fill fit and as many times you want.

Today this is an investments for students, in 10 years it will build schools for free education,in 15 years it will build the revenue to pay the educators in those schools. The ball is in our court.

Let’s start investing in us.


For any enqueries please send a mail to

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